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rain, destinations, and twilight

It is was just rainy enough this morning to wear the wonderful Hunter rain boots Abi got me a year ago, along with my favorite Lighthouse jacket.  The sun is poking its face out ever so gently now.  Three thoughts on this Friday morning, as has become customary. 

1.  I had a great breakfast with a colleague earlier this week.  The discussion spanned theology, life, and a relatively minor legal dispute between our respective clients.  After our meal, we each took a different exit out of the restaurant to the parking lot where we found that we were parked directly across from one another.  He commented with a laugh that we'd taken different paths to get to the same place. Thus, perhaps, innocently summing up all good theology.

2. This holiday season I am increasingly aware of the gift of new perspectives.  Of the unrelenting task of growth, rebirth, and passage.  How the magic of this process is anti-dogmatic.  What liberation there is in this possibility. 

3.  A new poet.  At least to…

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