"I'm told we're being recalled,
for cleaning"
said the not so shiny 1921 penny
to his new friend
who bore a worn buffalo
struck on his front side

"How on earth will they do that?"
asked the nickle
"I've not been cleaned
since that old spinster from Ohio
took to me with vinegar, of all things"

"I've got no idea how they'll clean us," replied the penny
further observing that he'd not clearly seen a thing
since being caked in oil by one methodical mechanic

the penny went on, "the places I've been,
the tip jar, that taxi cab where I worried I'd be left
eternally on that floorboard"

the nickle snickered
"yes, taxis are the worst"

and just then
a slender hand
reached into the pocket
and placed the two in her palm
along with several less chatty quarters and a dime

gently pushing them from side to side
a single, manicured, pointer finger
as a soft voice counted
slowly, and hushed


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