retreat, identity, and Louisiana lace

The first time is unforgettable.  I've just returned from Manresa.  In attendance were five friends, three of whom were on their first retreat.  It was exciting to share it with them. 

I've had to deal with identity theft over the past year.  Numerous calls from credit card vendors and fraud protection.  It's not a fun way to spend free time.  At the welcoming talk Thursday evening, we discussed the pull of daily life.  And I was again reminded that there is great difficulty in giving ourselves permission to deeply rest.  The fact that I could not turn my phone off completely for four days is a testament to this reality!  But the weekend gave me a needed  opportunity to reflect on identity and daily life. 

A photo.  And a poem that dropped out of the ether for my good friend Chris.


a poet accompanied me today
on a long walk
among oaks and moss
and an elegant late summer sun

searching for words
to close his musings

that which perhaps
all poets seek

freedom marred
nights robbed of clarity
obscured by attachment, inordinate
grace even too lovely to tame

oh, to be moved
as easily as this lace
for but the most gentle zephyr
sets it dancing

uttering the words
that words would be
if only they could 


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