Trip from .... the odd.

It has been an interesting couple of days!  I flew into Alexandria, Louisiana and might have made my meeting on Wednesday had my rental car been ready, which it was not.  So, I did my meeting from the airport lobby by phone (pay phone no less, because my cell phone died right before the meeting and I forgot my charger, of course).  Then commenced to get back on a plane and fly to Atlanta, where I waited for two extra hours because my plane was broken.

Made it to Jacksonville at about one in the morning ... went to bed, and made it to swearing in ceremony at the Federal District court on time.  Then had a near death experience in the cab on the way to airport (was literally thrown out of my seat due to driver who pulled onto the interstate and cut across three lanes of traffic and directly in front of my cab).

But somehow over the past two days, I managed to keep my orientation toward one of gratitude.  And I made a point to meet and talk to lots of different people, which proved incredibly interesting.  It is amazing how sometimes once you start talking to people you cannot get them to stop!

I am grateful to be home.  Fighting kids who don't want to get dressed this morning and all is well with the world.


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