younger me, coffee, and tomorrow me

I was with a group of friends a few months ago when a guy asked what advice we'd all give our "younger me."  It was a fascinating question.  I'd tell myself to relax a little and trust the flow.

As I was getting ready to wrap up the day last night, I decided to get the coffee machine ready so that all I had to do was wake up and hit the start button.  I am not a fan of getting it all ready in the morning when I'm not yet awake. 

As I awoke today I thought a little about how the question my friend posed was really one of asking what we could do to be easier on the memory of our younger selves.  And how getting coffee ready this morning was a gift of making things a little easier on my future self.  I like the idea of being here today.  And doing what I can to make it easier on me back then - and the me coming tomorrow. 


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