debt, willingness, and grace

I have the good fortune of going back through Financial Peace University with a family member and a good friend.  Dave Ramsey feels like a wise and trusted uncle these days. A few years ago, the program was gifted to me by my friend Tom.  I was buried in student loan debt and couldn’t outearn stupid financial decisions.  Using the simple tools and with hard work, I retired my debt and have started down a much different financial road.  All thanks to some baby steps, Tom, and willingness.

I’ve been thinking this week a great deal about the many friends and people who have shaped me.  How stubborn and wrongly self assured I’ve been at times.  And I am filled with gratitude for kindness and grace.

I increasingly look for opportunities to pay forward the many quiet acts of generosity that have been showered on me over the past decades.  That’s about the only debt Dave Ramsey might approve of. And I’m with him on that.


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