theology, refined, and C-SPAN

The year is off to a good start!  I've been jotting here and there, but have been slow in getting anything posted.  A small excerpt from the bigger writing project I've been seemingly endlessly tinkering with.  

Classical theology is sometimes defined as the exercise of having faith and seeking understanding.  But the modern experience is one where deep institutional faith is increasingly not a part of American life.  And what does this mean for our collective spiritual health?  This is a vast subject open to endless discussion.  It may be that religion has simply been a poor historical jumping off point to an all too sterile awareness of otherworldliness.  Thus, it may not be a bad thing that mere dogmatic contact with otherworldliness falls increasingly flat today.  The question inevitably arises, what threshold must we look to when the old way of doing spiritual business seems to be struggling?     
While a new order in matters of faith is at hand, it may hold the great potential of leading us to a more refined state in which the realities are more pure, less about politics and social control.  More about awe, mystery, and service.  It may be that we have inevitably failed in our overly dogmatic attempts to fully understand the enigmatic.  And this is where the law may be able to help us. 
Great trial lawyers tell stories that sometimes have the effect of pointing us in the right direction.  Stories often move us better than argument because we feel them.  And feeling mystery is more apt to happen than intellectually understanding it.  And thanks be to God for this.  Think of what it’d be like trying to inspire someone to political action by endless viewing of C-SPAN.  I can think of little that would be more painful than that.  The threshold to otherworldliness is far more complex and exciting than we’ve given it credit for.


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