running shoes, discernment, and cooler days

Got to the park this morning for my run shortly after 5:00 AM.  Remembered to bring a towel, the dog's leash, and even the dog.  Forgot my running shoes.  Then couldn't find my cell phone on my way out the door to head off for work and ran around the house blaming everyone for having moved it.  My daughter called and figured out it was tied up in my lunch bag in the running truck, along with my wallet.  Put there by me.  Then spilled smoothie all over my pants as I entered the truck.  As far as I can tell, I did manage not to make anyone cry. Small graces.  Weird morning.  But, I am up and moving and the day holds promise.  And their mother is back from Chicago and I managed not to burn the house down while she was gone.  Though I did apparently overload the washer (apparently all the soap doesn't leave bedding when this happens), and our son made a point to let everyone know he bled three times while she was gone over the weekend (fell at the park once, scraped his leg (I think) and splinter in the hand).  Perhaps a reminder to be mindful of trinity.  And in that spirit, three thoughts has has become customary.

1.  I am working through Henri Nouwen's Discernment.  I like it a great deal.  I am drawn to the idea of discernment being a process and the permission that comes along with that.  I want microwave discernment. As with just about everything relating to spiritual health, I am learning this is not how things operate.

2.  I also appreciate Nouwen's reminder that our times with God (daily) will not always feel fruitful.  This is no reason to abandon them.  That in returning diligently to the sacred space, we draw closer, and closer.

3.  I am already thinking about Thanksgiving.  I love this time of year.  I love the weather, the calm which comes with the cooling days.  I love the way that the light changes.  We will be traveling to Plymouth this year, and will hopefully spend a day or two on Cape Cod and in Newport.  I haven't been in that part of the country for roughly ten years.  I am excited about a week with my family.

Life is good.  I'll leave you with a short piece from Discernment:

The way I become aware of God's presence is in that remarkable desire to return to that quiet place and be there without any real satisfaction.  And I notice, maybe only retrospectively, that my days and weeks are different when they are held together by these regular and "useless" times.  God is greater than my senses, greater than my thoughts, greater than my heart.  I do believe that God touches me in places that are hidden even to myself.  And I do believe that when I pray I am in touch with the divine presence reflected in my heart.

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