nature, grace, Legos, and bugs ...

I have returned to the land of the living.  Tentatively anyways.  Spent a few days in Alabama subjecting myself to the bar examination.  God willing, I will never have to do that again.  Have spent the last couple of weeks recovering and getting my stride back.  Picking back up on some projects which have been pushed to the back burner and only now feeling like I've had enough energy in the bank to jot something down.  Three thoughts on this Tuesday night, as has become customary:

1.  I just finished Richard Swenson's book, Margin.  He captures many of the anecdotal conclusions one reaches in examining our current culture with any level of honesty.  We fight an unending wave of information, "progress," and debt filled consumerism.  Well written and effective.  Might be a game changer for this soul.  It further reinforces the conclusion that we must create our own micro-cultures, and do so unapologetically. 

2.  Took in Tree of Life again over the weekend.  Darker than I remembered, but masterful nonetheless.  There exist innumerable choices between the way of nature and the way of grace.  Could our eternal struggle possibly be put more succinctly?

3.  Built a Lego airplane with my son this evening.  Snug as a bug in the rug with my daughter.  These small gifts strike me as the most important things accomplished today.  I feel as if God is giving me more and more perspective these days.  Please keep it coming.

I'll leave you a small piece from The Imitation of Christ:

"Nature is deceitful and draweth away, ensnareth, and deceiveth many, and always hath self for her end; but Grace walketh in simplicity and turneth away from every appearance of evil, maketh no false pretenses, and doth all entirely for the sake of God, in whom also she finally resteth ..."

Peace be with you.

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