Wednesday post in five minutes or so ...

It is a beautiful morning out, I got to watch the sunrise over Pensacola Beach while the rest of my family slept.  I took a much needed day off yesterday. No work.  No bar review.  Met with friends early in the morning, went for a run with Jessica, and spent the better part of the day lounging by the pool and even spent a few minutes in the sauna.  Had a great date in the evening with Jessica, ate at Cactus Flower and dessert and coffee at Hemingway's.  Wrapped it all up with fireworks, and a gratitude list in bed as I dozed off with Gracie.  It was a day to be remembered.

Three thoughts on this Wednesday morning, as has become customary:

1.  Our hunting Weimaraner intently pointed at a ... lizard, a week or so.  This is perhaps what happens when you take who knows how many generations of hunting instinct and move it into the semi-urban environment.  I suspect it is the same with our spiritual condition.  We are intuitively hardwired to be connected to the Divine.  Yet, we will often see a poor substitute for that which we are designed to seek, point, and chase it.

2.  As I ran along the beach yesterday, my shadow was split.  Half was in the light sand.  Half on the dark asphalt.  Depending on my movements, I was either more or less in the light.  Got me thinking about the fact that I know how to stay in the light.  I'm not always willing to do what it takes.  I ask that I'd be relieved of that.

3.  I had a very interesting talk with a friend earlier this week about how little time we really spend with those close to us.  I'll spend many hours at work today, and if I am lucky - minutes with those who are closest to me.  I will make a point to intentionally spend some time with those closest to me today, doing whatever it is they'd like to do.  For my son, this may mean a light saber battle (which I must admit, is pretty darn fun).

I'll leave you with a picture of Bryton and the birthday crew from this past Saturday.  Peace be with you!

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