spam, habits, and beginner's mind

Friday morning post in five minutes or less ....

1.  Turns out that being spammed can be a good thing.  I received a spam email from an old high school friend earlier this week, which prompted me to call the last phone number I had for him from eight years ago.  He is coming up on SEVENTEEN years in the Marine Corps, is a First Sergeant at MCRD and has a beautiful family.  He observed correctly, we were "clowns" in high school.  Thank God we are not obligated to be our old selves.  Then again, maybe being a clown isn't so bad.

2.  I finished The Power of Habit earlier this week.  My understanding of neuroplasticity and the ability to change, with the aide of divine inspiration is a relief.  And work.  I am tooling around with the idea of trying to read through a list of (50) spiritual classics.  As I am pretty neurotic once I tackle something, not sure I am ready for that task.  Why do I take everything so seriously? 

3.  We have committed to meeting Bob and Monika Brown in Plymouth, Massachusetts, for Thanksgiving.  I have been so excited about it that the kids are, I think, already sick of the idea! Or at least of me talking about it.

Onward with my beginner's mind!  Peace of Christ be with you and yours. I'll leave you with a shot of the new hound.


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