Monday post in five minutes or less ...

Had a good weekend.  Cut down a tree that was infested with carpenter ants and ran over a snake while I mowing the grass.  Gross.  Only made better by the dog finding it and carrying it around the yard while the kids ran around screaming murder.  Back in the saddle on this Monday.  Three thoughts, as has become customary:

1. Really, really interested in The Power of Habit.  Something as simple as the cue, activity, reward cycle is incredible when you take it apart and examine it against your own behavior.  I am glad the list of things I am trying to take out of my behavior is smaller than it was a few years ago.  But man, those hangers-on are hard to dynamite out.  Aren't they?

2.  Treehouse has come to a screeching halt.  I have got to get cranked up with that again. The Alabama Bar examination preparation is taxing.  Not much writing.  But it has made me appreciate the importance of organizing my time.  I am hoping the time lessons will survive once the exam is over.  Going to have to move Manresa, but that's alright. 

3.  Should native Floridians speak Hebrew?  I heard such a thing recently and I just don't know if it is natural.

Here is to a good week for you and yours.  I'll leave you with the chalkboard.


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