Tuesday morning post in five minutes or less ...

It is a cloudy morning here in Pensacola.  Yet, the day feels hopeful and the light could break through at any moment.  Jessica was kind enough to run slowly with me before work.  My IT band is on the mend, and though I have gotten used to sleeping in ... I am grateful to run.  One of my favorite signs on a marathon course said, "There will be a day when you cannot do this.  Today isn't that day."  I think of that often.  We run the race.  Three thoughts, as has become customary:

1.  I've heard several inspiring stories involving children this week.  One involved a car accident where an SUV rolled over on top of a small boy.  This child was pushed into an embrace of wet soggy earth, as if he was being cradled.  He was unscathed.  

2.  After saying prayers and good night to their parents, a young boy and his sister were overheard earnestly praying for children in China.  As if once the fluffy prayers with parents were over, they got down to real business. 

3.  I'll leave you with a great passage and a poke in the eye from CS Lewis.  They have been on my mind for days:

The Lord is the strength of my life.  Psalm 27:1

"For I am not sure, after all, whether one of the causes of our weak faith is not a secret wish that our faith should not be very strong.  Is there some reservation in our minds?  Some fear of what it might be like if our religion became quite real?  I hope not."

Have a great Tuesday.  Ryan

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