Wednesday thought ...

It has been a great couple of days.  Busy and shaking whatever bug has been in my body for the past couple of weeks.  But trying to ease slowly back to "full throttle," as emergence from physical and psychic fatigue is ever so fragile.  Our youngest two woke us up with simultaneous "intestinal decomensation" sessions in the night this week.  I'll let you translate that one for yourself.  Power outage another night led our oldest to wander the house in the middle of the night with what amounted to a flashlight and sleep interruption.  As Morrie said, there is time enough to rest when we are dead.  In need of some quiet away time with my family, but more than anything - overwhelmed with grace.

Wednesday thoughts, three of them, as has become customary:

1.  How great it is to hear from dear friends and brothers when unexpected.  My good friend David wrote me today, a profoundly good man - who once showed up at my doorstep with no questions asked, after a long drive, because I simply needed a good friend by my side during a time of trial. 
2.  I have been reading Thomas Merton.  I am struck by the clear struggle that seems ever present in his own writing and life.  "Pontiff" philospher or solitude.  Progress or not nearly enough.  Grace or failure?  I have the striking feeling sometimes when reading him that I am reading something I wrote in another life.  Also reading Barbara Brown Taylor, and overwhelmed with the idea of reverence.  Try to watch someone with reverence today for more than a minute without being seen.  It changes your view of humanity.
3.  As it is said, fathers, don't provoke your children.  Contuning revelations to me that raising children is one of our last great chances.  That we must focus on more than behavior.  And that we are to be coaches, not drill instructors.

It is a great day.

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