In this April sun ....

Enjoying another journey through Thomas Merton's autobiography.  A familiar and welcome voice.

It is a beautiful day.  A good friend coming in for the weekend to help me with four kids as Jessica takes in a conference with girlfriends.  It will be a fun weekend.

Ran across this a few days ago, passing it along to you.  Hope all is well in your corner of the world.

Be filled not with worry
the flames of sleeplessness 
and anxious thoughts will mercilessly consume you - 

Gaze not in angst upon the shore
in wonder as to whether
the roaring waves will surrender

Ponder not endlessly whether 
the mistakes of years gone by
soil your worth

Smile at the sun and be still
search for contentment in your connection 
with your kind and benevolent God

Be strong, obedient, dogged, and love
for upon  these pillars is built
the housing of a peaceful soul

G. Ricci

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