Tuesday post in five minutes or less ...

Coming up for air.  Breaking through a fog that has been lingering over me the past few days.  Random Tuesday thoughts.  Three of them.  As has become customary.

1.  Jessica and I were on a ten or so miler this past Saturday.  A young girl, upon seeing us, began running beside us for a few minutes and shared a religious tract.  I was impressed.  How often I fail to get off my backside and "run" with those I might otherwise have an impact on.  I'd have an excuse like, "I don't have the right shoes on."  Did I mention she was in a long skirt?
2.  On our ride to school today, my son announced that he is a "freak of Legos."  I started to explain the correct grammatical usage of "freak," i.e., that he would be a "Lego freak," rather than a "freak of Legos," and then realized I sounded like a freak myself, so I shut my freaking mouth and started laughing. 
3.  As we approach Easter, I am simply overwhelmed with His passion. 

We are headed out to the beach to catch the sunrise on Saturday.  I so often take for granted living in paradise.  I'll try to get some good pictures.  Hope all is well in your corner of the world.