Tuesday people, Tuesday thought

Life is good.  Have been working on my present writing project a little more earnestly than I have in a while, I think if for no other reason than I am ready to bring it to a conclusion.  I hear that horses sprint went they see the barn.  I don't know about jackasses.

Watched a great documentary on Thomas Merton this weekend and was disappointed to hear that he was displeased with his own well known autobiography later in his life.  What is the significance of that, other than confirmation that we perhaps don't always like what we are known for.  I am reminded that I would like to read more of his stuff.  Wouldn't it be great if we could just download books into our brains?  There simply are not enough hours in the day.

Random thoughts on this Tuesday afternoon:

1. Don't ask questions in sworn legal proceedings to which you do not have the assured answer at your fingertips (yes, I knew this already, was just reminded of it real-time today).
2. Suffering is perhaps the only remarkably persuasive path to redemption that I have observed.
3. I wish I could get more bed and breakfast get away trips with my wife.

My son just memorized his second St. Ignatius attributed prayer.  He is six.  I am inspired by him.  


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