New York, oh New York ...

So, we made it alive!  I cannot believe that several months of training have culminated in us actually being here.  Lots of honking cars and very serious looking people.  But surprisingly friendly folks everywhere.  I have had a little anxiety as the last couple weeks of my training were thrown off by a sinus infection and some (welcome) diversions from my otherwise fairly regimented diet.  But I have decided I will make it.

Thus far, our trip has been fantastic.  Jessica and I just had dinner at a wonderful little restaurant around the corner from our studio and made a quick stop into the expo to pick up our packets.  Lots of energy (and lots of stuff to buy)!

Only notable snafu worth mentioning was being diverted by what we thought was a taxi driver upon arrival at the airport, to find he was a car service, driving a new full size black Yukon, that looked like something an FBI assault team would drive.  Paid way too much, but have to admit it was fun being driven around in NYC like rock stars and being dropped off at our front door on Madison Avenue. Did a little grocery shopping trip and already scoping out some fun places to hit while we are here.

Jessica is rolling around on the Trigger Point rollers in our tiny hallway.  I asked for her quote, her response "Right now, I am focusing on Trigger Point."  She is so devoted!

Having a great time hanging out with my best friend.  Start together, finish together ... so they say.  Life is grand.

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