thought ... October morning run

I am spending a long weekend in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, which is the town where I finished my first year of law school.  My good friends, Robert and Monika, now call it home. I am counting down to the marathon, so I went for a nice run this morning and ran past the old law school (which is unrecognizable now after a complete gutting and renovation).  I found myself wishing that it was the same as it had been in my memories.  Perhaps it is simply the human condition to prefer to remember things the way that they were - even when they were not spectacular.  I have good memories of my year here, but it was also a relatively dark spiritual time for me.  But the journey requires time on the path.  Literally and figuratively.  I am grateful that I got the time here that I did more than 10 years ago - and am more grateful for growth!

I've had two interesting conversations this week about what exactly it is that the "occupy" protesters are against and what they hope to accomplish.  I don't think their gripes are anything new.  Watching them has me thinking a lot of about Lewis Yablonsky's exploratory book, The Hippie Trip.  I think there is the ever present sense (and growing reality) that the way that governments and corporations govern is simply wrong minded.  Never mind being able to articulate wonk-like explanations of what that means.  Quite often feelings are more powerful than facts.  Things to think about. 

I'll be on the lookout for those gifts that men bring home from trips which make kids and wives happy.

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