We finished week three of marathon training this morning.  Ten nice miles in the Pensacola sauna that the outdoors is right now.  It was hot.  Very hot.  Justified the five and half pancakes I ate upon getting home (and sausage) with the thousand or so calories Jessica informed me that we burned.  More syrup, please!

My good friends Holly and Hazel (the principals of H2 Performance Consulting Corp.), moved into their new offices at the Pensacola City Hall yesterday.  I stopped by and was able to say hello and see their new space.  Their husbands were there helping with the move and Hazel playfully described them as "the men behind the women."  For all that is wrong with our society, I think it a good thing that opportunity is out there for people other than just old white men, if they are willing to work for it.

On our run this morning, someone mentioned "it is done." In my half awake state, it took a moment to recall those words were originally uttered by the Christ.  As we were trecking along, I thought about how that statement was uttered at the death of the Christ to his physical body.  And how for so many of us, if there is a spiritual awakening, it occurs when we are also willing to die to ourselves.  There is birth in death to the self.  Tetelestai!

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