Are Barnetts explorers?

I had the good fortune of my family accompanying me on business to Tallahassee this week.  An otherwise drab trip was made colorful with them.  The kids got a swim in on the evening of our arrival.  Jessica and I made the mistake of ordering Mexican food from a pub and I had the pleasure of battling the hotel's leaky iron at a bleary eyed 6AM ironing session the morning of my meeting.

The kids walked around the capital while I was working and I am told that at some point, tired of walking, Gracie announced, "Barnetts are not explorers!"

The folks at Florida State University's Doak Campbell Stadium were kind enough to let us check out the football field, which was a treat.  And my favorite quote of the trip was made by Jessica to our skin and bones six year old son, "Bryton, eat your chicken nuggets, immediately." 

Life is grand.  

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