Sequential Revelation

I have been thinking about growth.  Throughout the course of my life and my development, I have reached certain points and then simply come to a halt.  A plateau, impediment, or wall.  Sometimes the period before the next awakening is a matter of days, hours, and sometimes it is the cold expanse of years.  On some occasions, the spectacle of picking up and beginning again is fraught with a nagging feeling that I am necessarily starting from spiritual scratch.  That any progress I had made was completely obviated once I made a significant enough stumble or took a lengthy enough hiatus.  Such a case I think would be overwhelming for most people and it certainly has been for me.  I am not sure why this has been the view that I have taken other than I swear sometimes it seems that I prefer to torture myself.  I will often walk along next to the "moving sidewalks" in the airport and watch the passengers riding along and find myself resentful.  Never mind I could be riding also, but choose to walk - and walk for no redeeming reason, such as health, etc.

Karl Barth writes of revelation as being non-linear.  It may come and go.  There may be times at which revelation is manifest in your ability to discern the circumstances before you or the touch of the divine.  At other times, this revelation is not present and we meander through experiences with our clumsy mortal fumbling.  I have been thinking about growth and revelation in this context.  I think that one's growth process must be quite similar to Barth's description of revelation - it is neither linear nor sequential.

That is just about the only way I can handle it.  Which may be proof that it's nature is precisely the opposite.


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