Reflections: Unexpected personal deconstruction of destructive tendencies via simulated society exercise

I am normally not the type of guy who enjoys shaking hands and hobnobbing with other folks.  Despite an otherwise outgoing personality at first blush - I am quite introverted and my tendency is to isolate.

The Pensacola Chamber of Commerce has organized a program known as LEAP, which takes an annual class through an impressive series of leadership exercises and other community based education pieces.  I was frankly not looking forward to going through the class and had mentally relegated it to yet another of the marketing participation exercises expected of a young professional.

What a pleasant surprise it has been!  It has been a real pleasure getting to know many of the class members and I am excited about this year's recently selected project, which will involve planting gardens at several local elementary schools.  This past weekend was spent at Pensacola Beach for a two day retreat, which included an impressive presentation by Studer Group speaker Craig Deao.  Among the unexpected gems was a communication tool effective at derailing a five year old who is in full "I want to go home" mode while traveling in a car.  Tested and proven effective this past Sunday morning on the way to church by yours truly.

What was most interesting to me was the SIMSOC evolution, which consists of a simulated societal interplay.  It took most of the day on Saturday.  Without spoiling the premise of the exercise, I will say that it essentially consists of simulated interaction between several varying socioeconomic groups.  Power lessons on how we all view each other.

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