Reinvention & Redemption

I remember hearing a lecture in graduate school from a gentleman who was preparing to leave his practice area.  There were some practical reasons - among them being that the lawmakers had made it really difficult to get paid.  But I was impressed with his fortitude.  He stated that he intended to move to Colorado and "reinvent himself."  He was of the opinion that one ought to do that at least every ten years (reinvent the self).  I find this interesting.  The concept of taking on different possibilities in a systemic and defined manner is both electrifying and terrifying at the same time.

How is this done in a non mid-life crisis manner?  I was amused with - that is the best adjective I can come up with - Julia Roberts most recent film, Eat Pray Love.  It seemed dangerously appealing and cheap to me.  There is without question something to be said for one finding self (and perhaps reinventing self in the process), but the film promotes some nonsense: 1. copious alcohol consumption as somehow a right in and of itself on the discovery journey, and 2. glamorization of divorce as a requisite surgery in the process of self discovery.  There are certainly times for divorce and maybe even copious alcohol consumption (for those who are not spiritually allergic).  But I find it commercially convenient that these concepts are sold to the consumer as inextricably tied to a path to peace (a peace that Roberts' character was remiss to give up for a new relationship - until encouraged to do so by her personal Yoda!).  We are pitched what sells - as is made evident by all of the Eat Pray Love crap that is being peddled in the wake of yet another round of death by "Americana spirituality-lite" (my own descriptor, you can't have it).

I have encountered much in recent months past.  And I am more convinced of only a small number of things.  That the divine is in control.  That I am not in control.  And I might as well stop worrying about why I cannot be in control.  I suppose that the appointed time for complete acceptance of these simple facts will come in due course.  I also think that in my own case the divine might not be encouraging me to reinvent myself - but to find myself in the first place.  In peeling back the layers of the onion, a new self emerges.  Reinvention, rebirth, and resultant redemption.  In the hands of the divine, these are the things that give me hope and courage.


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