Frame of Reference

Frame of reference is such a difficult thing to impart.  So often, the challenge in collaboration is conveying accurately the frame of reference from which you operate.  It can be an exercise in the utmost skilled diplomacy to remove emotional reactivity from the lens of reference.

Likewise, appreciating another's frame of reference is often equally challenging.

Explosive reactivity is the unfortunate byproduct of the failure to accomplish symbiotic frame of reference.  Defusing the impact of this failure can take time and is not always assured to be without scarring.  In the light speed transition from thought to reactivity, much damage can be leveled.  Grabbing reactivity at the outset is a skill that continues to avoid me.  Often, the best that many of us can accomplish is a brokered (or de facto) emotional demilitarized zone and sterile efforts at uncomfortable reconciliation.

I find myself wrestling with the tension between the need to retreat, attack, and breath.  Your soul can only be pulled in so many directions.  At least, so it seems.


  1. Ryan this is the most profound little essay I have read in years. I am going to share this with my wife and kids. Thanks and God bless you

    1. Hey Mike, thanks for the kind words! As I read this again this morning I thought ... some things never change! Trust you are well. Blessings, Ryan


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