Jedi mind trick. Keeping the table turned the right way.

Have you ever felt like someone has played a Jedi mind trick on you? There is a great scene from the movie Anger Management which accurately captures the phenomenon.

In this scene, a simple request gets turned around on Sandler's character. The "flight attendant" won't do her job, representing the slovenly work ethic that is perhaps at the root of airline inefficiency and recurrent Chapter 11 filings. Sandler's character politely tries to redirect her. Next thing you know, he is deemed the maniac in need of judicial intervention and anger management! Do you ever feel this way? Similar to when your kid sister sticks her tongue out at you and begs you to retaliate and whack her in the head. But as soon as you do ... her stupidity will be forgotten! And you will pay. Sometimes, this is how life can feel. Restraining oneself not because your response might not be perfectly reasonable in an objective manner - but out of cost benefit analysis (assuming arguendo, that she really did deserve to get whacked in the head, right?).

Much like detaching from the energy vampire, much of social interaction is a deep analysis of cost benefit. See

I leave you with Sandler himself.