Friday observations, "A peaceful life is a long life." So it is said.

Gracian wrote:

To live, let live. Peacemakers not only live, they rule life. Hear, see, and be silent. A day without dispute brings sleep without dreams. Long life and a pleasant one is life enough for two - that is the fruit of peace. He has all that makes nothing of what is nothing to him. There is no greater perversity than to take everything to heart. There is equally folly in troubling our heart about what does not concern us and in not taking to heart what does.

I have always thought it ironic that Mahatma Gandhi was a lawyer (he must have been a transactional guy - not a litigator, right?!) I have been striving recently to think of my own sometimes contentious work as an opportunity to guide people through difficult situations, in a compassionate manner, rather than an opportunity to crush an opponent. Although, I must admit that I have told myself and others at times that it is our purpose in litigation to locate, close with, and destroy the enemy.

That happens to be the mission of a Marine Corps infantry squad.

I think it is impossible to internalize conflict (even other people's conflict) over an extended period of time, without it taking something from your soul.

The great lawyers, Presidents (Lincoln obviously comes to mind), and the great thinkers - all seem to place great emphasis on striving to be peacemakers.  No agenda with that observation other than reorienting to a simple question I must routinely pose to myself - what is my orientation?

So I will spend today trying to recognize (because they are there, I need only see them) opportunities to resolve conflict, seek the peace, and focusing on the relatively few things in this life that really matter.