Diagnose what robs you of peace with a simple test.

In my own self examination, I have developed a simple test. It is not my own, I don't hold a patent or copyright. I have simply discovered it for myself.

I have learned that it is the things that we keep tucked away neatly in the darkest corners of our mind which are most likely to rob us of our peace.

The manner in which these things can be identified is relatively easy. There is no requirement for extensive therapy or some psychological test.

Simply reflect on your secrets.

What do I hide? What happened in the past that I have been unable to forgive myself for. What am I doing now that gnaws at my calm. Our souls have been given the gift of regeneration by the divine. When we are willing to acknowledge our failures and turn from them and reorient to the divine, there is a chance at peace and contentment.

The refusal to orient to the divine invariably leads to neurotic behavior and unending restlessness. And a continued desire to find something - anything, to satiate that need for divine light in the otherwise empty and dark halls of our souls.


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