TV Marti

For a facsinating discussion on American propaganda in the Cuban evolution, see:

Why we feel it is so necessary to attempt passive aggressive manipulation of other nation states remains beyond me. And even from a neo-conservative perspective - why can't we make better tactical decisions. Cuba? In 2009. Really? Can we be pointed to a single case where this ridiculous stuff works? I can only think of failures. Iran, Vietnam, Cuba ... the list goes on and continues to grow.

What is perhaps more amazing is the incredulous manner in which those who constitute the modern day conservative movement reproach those who would request a reasoned look at those actions we take domestically and abroad. Apparently, kindergarten for the privileged elite is different than it is for the rest of us:

1. Don't worry about the future, only live for today.
2. You are all that matters. Really, just you.
3. If you don't get your way, buy a new toy.
4. If you cannot afford to buy a new toy, borrow the money to buy a new toy.
5. If all else fails, beat the other kid up.

This general approach has been evolving throughout our nation's short history. Great minds, the likes of those ranging from Twain and Eisenhower have tried to warn us. But we will run our course. No better place on the planet as far as I am concerned. But that is scary as hell in more way than one.


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