I am representing an older black woman who was raped at the age of (12) while she was at home from a crippled childrens home. She was raped by her sister's husband and then forced to carry the child to term by her family. She delivered the baby, who was then raised by the sister and her rapist husband. This was in 1968. She went on to later have children, one of which it was recently learned, was molested by the same man who raped her. She decided to take action.

I discussed this case this morning with an older attorney who I respect very much. We talked a great deal about the cultural attitudes toward sex, especially involving young women. He concluded, possibly rightly, that what constitutes "too young" to even consent to sex under the law, is largely the product of relative social constructs.

Outside of the box of Western thought, it occurs to me that surely, there must be better test at a minimum. Societies which allow consent at ages as young as (9), or even perhaps in my case where a child was raped at (12) - in those cases, the children were likely unable to even conceive in a state of nature. Their bodies were incapable. Got me thinking about how so much morality is deconstructed by relativism and how dangerous it is.

It further got me thinking about whether what happened in this case is more common that I might like to think. It always amazes me to see what humans do to one another.

Sparked a larger discussion about what is universal and what is not.


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